5th RUSESL Meeting - Final Dissemination & Presentation

The final meeting for the RUSESL Erasmus+ project was held on the 14th and 15th November 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

During the two-day meeting, the Escola T√®cnico Professiona Xavier (ES), ITES Roberto Valturi (IT), SU Asen Zlatarov (BG) and the Vocational Education and Training Centre Zirmunai (LT) presented their Practice Enterprise piloting reports to the consortium. The online student survey conducted after the piloting experience also underlined the positive effect of the practice-based learning methodology as about 80% of the participants feel that the Practice Enterprise has prepared them for the world of work and that they could identify their own career goals. 

Insights and outcomes of the round tables held by the schools and their national Central Offices in Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Lithuania were shown and discussed. Various local and regional stakeholders were invited to the round tables. The outcomes of both, the round tables and the piloting reports are now being concluded and the final version of the guide produced. The final guide to reduce upper secondary ESL through the Practice Enterprise concept will be translated from English into each partners' language in January 2020 and made available online upon completion.

Final Guide of Application (EN) on Reducing Upper Secondary Early School Leaving with PE.