4th RUSESL Meeting

On February 21-22 2019 our 4th Partner Meeting was held in Vilnius (Lithuania). The meeting was hosted by LIBA Association and took place at Vilnius College, one of the most important practical colleges in Lithuania. The entire project consortium was present and participated in this meeting, workshops and special events.

The two-day meeting included presentations of teachers and stakeholders training provided during the first two months of the year by our national partners for our school partners. Target students have been identified from each partner country and planning was held for implementing the piloting courses related to Practice Enterprise in each of the upper-secondary schools participating in the project. National partners presented the results of training while schools presented their national adaptations to their curriculum specifically targeted at tackling ESL, including core classes, methodology and implementation plans. 

The completed draft version of the implementation guide was reviewed from start to finish by all partners and review and reworking was completed in workshop format. The next step in the project is the piloting phase, taking place over the next 4 months.