Reducing Early School Leaving with the Practice Enterprise Concept

Working Together to Reduce ESL

The RUSESL project consortium consists of 9 partners from Germany, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Lithuania. PEN Worldwide, with over 25 years experience and Practice Enterprise locations in over 40 countries worldwide, lead the project.

Project Partners:

Project Coordinator
PEN Worldwide, Germany

National Partners
Fundacio Inform, Spain
Istituto Don Calabria, Italy
Bulgarian Centre of Training Firms, Bulgaria
Lithuanian Practice Enterprise Association, Lithuania

School Partners
Escola Tècnico Professional Xavier, Spain
ITES Roberto Valturio, Italy
SOU Asen Zlatarov, Bulgaria 
Vocational Education and Training Centre Zirmunai, Lithuania

The project partners studied, designed and created a Practice Enterprise model that contributes to the development of social, ICT and entrepreneurial skills in upper secondary students of 16-19 years old with a high risk to be early school leavers. The outcomes of the project have been applied on a European and will further be applied on an international scale.

The project consists of an innovative educational path including the acquisition of language, ICT and social skills to help to increase the self-esteem of students and to and encourage teamwork and cooperation. Through the simulation of a real-world business environment, to increase management and administrative skills; build entrepreneurial mind-sets and stimulate innovation and creativity.